Winners are not necessarily the winners

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I have been asked on several occasions why we don’t try out for one of those talent shows and here is why…

I don’t watch shows like “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” because I really don’t think they hold any value.  There have been a couple of folks who have shown longevity,  but only 3 that I can think of.  Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.  I could be wrong but those 3 ladies are the ones who stand out as really successful.  And if you don’t know it all the contestants who reach a certain level in the competition sign their rights away. So if you thought they were good and you never heard from them it’s because of that.  They sign agreements that can actually stop them from performing and recording.

Another reason is some of the shows just bring in goof ball talent.  They show you acts that you know are just there to keep some people interested and give a chance to the goof balls that, in my opinion, are just there for the ratings. They are not acts at all.  Put them on, “The Gong Show”.  That’s what it’s for.

But the main reason I ignore these shows is that the boys and I were contacted by one of those shows and asked to come and audition in ‘2009’.  During the economic downturn, we were contacted by a producer and told that because of the way the economy was going they wanted to show wholesome family acts.  They wanted America to see that good things can happen to anyone.  I really saw what the show was about when they brought us into the audition.  Bunches of cameras, I thought we were in, but what happened shocked us and I’m sure that’s what they wanted.  We stood there with our instruments in hand and poised to play with cameras rolling.  Then the woman behind the large computer screen calmly announced, “thanks for coming, we don’t need you”.  She never looked up and we never saw her face but she saw ours.  We looked at each other in total dismay.  And that’s what they wanted.  Our look.  Now I told you they asked us, and they did.  They gave us a time to be there and everything.  But they made us wait 4 hours anyway.  We were set up just for that look.  You know the one.  You see it on these shows all the time.  The quick look of, “I can’t believe it”, that they flash by after someone gets turned down or berated in some way.

Well the winner in ‘2010’ was, in my opinion, less talented and somehow won over an amazing woman with an amazing voice.  As a matter of fact she’s still touring.  While the “winner”, although Wikipedia says he’s still active, I cannot find anything on him but an old release from back in ‘2013’ .

So many people want to get on these shows thinking it’s going to help and it’s not.  I think, in some ways, the people who don’t get that far in the competition and don’t get stuck in those agreements are better off.  I have seen many people advertise, “as seen on America’s Got Talent” or “contestant on American Idol”, and they’re working more than the so called “winners”.