Denny Diamond newsletter 2/25/2020


Can you believe it’s already ‘2020’? Where are the flying cars? That’s rhetorical.

I have started to create videos. I call my current set “Warbling Wednesday” where I sing a song every week. My hope is to start collaborating with other musicians and release some tunes with them. I must admit that I’m a little stiff in these first ones but I am feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. Who knows, maybe I can become the next YouTube star. You can find them on my website, like me on Facebook and if you feel like it you can subscribe to them on YouTube.

Also, this newsletter is actually a blog entry on my site. I have decided to try and capture my ideas and “ramblings”, as Janet likes to put it. If you think you’d be interested in joining me in my conversations just keep checking the blog page on my site. It will include the Newsletter, Warbling Wednesday and Ramblings.

I have been having fun putting funny pictures on my Instagram site. If you’re on Instagram I’d love for you to follow me there. I have been enjoying putting up my photos and Instagram stories. It’s just fun for me and I hope you can enjoy it with me.

As always I have performances. Most recently though I have been giving more private intimate performances that are called, “House Concerts”. I enjoy telling stories, interacting with the audience and it’s worked out especially well for me. If you have any interest in an intimate private performance of not just the hits but some great Neil Diamond album cuts. Get a hold of me. You can write or text me. To keep up on regular performances just visit the events page on the site.

Thanks so much for being part of my career and I look forward to connecting with you soon.



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